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garden woes

The Weeds Take Over

The weeds have officially taken over.  Who knew that when you tilled weeds, it is like giving them a reason to multiply???  Yes, I did not know that if you chop them up into little pieces, they just make more baby weeds…that grow into monster […]

The garden adventure continues

Since my new found love is Pinterest, I am THRILLED that there is a gardening section on there.  I have gotten so many good ideas for improving the black thumb I have. And btw…if the weeds in your garden are any indication of how much […]

The Growing Garden

So far, this has been my best year when it comes to the garden.  I still have it under control (sorta) and we are actually able to eat what is being produced! I am a little disappointed in my tomato purchases from Home Depot.  They […]

The rats are back

Well, the rats are back in our garden.  We have not been able to pick a red tomato yet this season.  Just as they ripen, we find teeth marks in them.  {{{sigh}}} Since I don’t want a repeat of 2 years ago, they can just […]

Herbs- again

I also am attempting to grow herbs again.  I have been successful at chives and that is it.  Wade uses them all the time to cook…I would love to pull them out of our own garden.