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Crown Molding

There are two things that Wade and I swear we will never do again…but somehow we forget the pain of it (like child birth) and end up finding ourselves doing it again…over and over.  Laying tile and putting up crown molding.

Way back in September of 2009, we decided to redo the floors, pulling up the carpet and adding laminate.  In the middle of undertaking this project, we decided to paint since the floor was up we would not have to put down drop cloths.  Of course when we went to paint, we decided to add a double crown molding to the entire entry/kitchen/living area.  We bought the molding, I primed and painted it and we went to put it up, we found out that our cheap little miter saw was not going to cut it (literally) for what we needed to do.  We painted the wall where the crown molding would go up and then left it.

For 2.5 years.

One fine March day in 2012, I woke up and decided I was tired of looking at this 1/2 way done paint/crown molding job.  (The picture above was taken after we had already started hanging the pieces.)  I went and bought a new miter saw and told Wade to put it on his calendar because the next weekend we were going to finish the project we had started over 2 years ago.

And we did.

Although we did not finish the ENTIRE project in one weekend, we were able to get the long pieces up.  Then over the next 2 weeks, I came back and cut the corners (having rounded corners meant a small one inch piece in each joint), caulked, and touched up the paint.

FINALLY we finished!  I am so happy how well it turned out.  But I swear we will never do crown molding again…