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New Floor

When we moved into our house in 2006, we had every intention of ripping up the carpet immediately and installing laminate. Well…that did not happen. Wade argued that we might as well wear the carpet out first. So we did. After 3 years, I was tired of it and we had many reasons to fix the flooring throughout the entire house.

We ripped up the carpet and then had a BRILLIANT idea to paint while the floor was bare.

We went with a brown color.

At the last minute we also decided to do a double crown molding through the whole living area. We were not ready to take on that project quite yet, so we decided to paint the area where the molding would go and just leave it until we got around to it.

I realized that I took very few pictures of the “during phase” of putting the floor down. Sydney was actually a big help, bringing us pieces and helping measure for the next. Here is the hall during:

The laminate we bought was snap together…and really did snap together very easily. The whole thing just confirms how much I hate carpet! Now we only have it in the 3 bedrooms. 🙂