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And we have land access!

It has always been a dream of ours to build our own house.  We looked at several different options and decided to use Owner Builder Network (OBN).  In a short summary, you pay them a fee per square foot, and they help you be the general contractor for your house build.  They are there for every step of the whole construction process.  We had hoped to build our house in 6 months (from the time we sold our other house)…that is NOT going to happen!

  • January- bought the property
  • February- struggled with backing out of the sale of the property due to the culvert issue
  • March- decided to move forward and build a culvert; hired a designer for our plans; signed a contract with OBN
  • April- put our house up for sale
  • May- sold our house; moved everything into 2 storage units; signed a 6mo apt lease
  • June- began bank construction loan
  • July- signed on a construction loan; culvert started
  • August- Wade had open heart surgery, everything went on hold except culvert construction
  • September- the culvert is finally finished

Now that it is October, and we have access to the property, we can actually get started!

The first thing we did was get a storage container.  We had a storage unit that contained our outside garage stuff (the same one that flooded back in May), but we doubled the size and cut the price in half by putting a container on the property.  This also gives us room to store building materials.

I am not going to lie, the guy almost flipped over in the ditch getting this on the property.  You see, Henry never did finish the culvert.  It was good enough to drive a car/truck on but not good enough for big construction trucks/equipment of any kind.  We tried to get Henry to come back and add more to build up the sides, but he kept telling us he was not sure what to do.  To be continued…