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Foundation Pour

YIPPEE!!!!  The day finally arrived for them to pour the foundation.  Just getting to this point is such a relief! Over the last week (since missing our first pour date) it has rained… A LOT.  The trench they dug in the back was full of […]

Foundation work

Once we had access again to the property, the house building could continue.  The foundation guys came out and built out the most important part of the house. First they put the outside frame down. Next came the underground plumbing. Then more dirt and sand. […]

Building a bulkhead for the culvert

Just after the guys finished the house pad, the rains came in.  We had record flooding again…just like in May.  This time, it washed the sides of the culvert away. Just as we were getting started with the construction of the house, now we were […]

House pad

The site prep and house pad took about a week to finish. First they cleared about 6 inches off the top, then came back and filled it so that it was about 18″ off of the natural ground.  The back slopes down, so the pad […]

Knocking the trees and weeds down

One of the first things we had to do when we gained access was to mow again.  This would only be our 3rd time all year to mow, so the grass was tall. Wade and I had been discussing all year what kind of mower […]