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country living

And we have land access!

It has always been a dream of ours to build our own house.  We looked at several different options and decided to use Owner Builder Network (OBN).  In a short summary, you pay them a fee per square foot, and they help you be the […]

Working the land

We bought our property in January. At the end of the month, our local master gardeners had a tree sale.  We bought 1 of each navel orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, apricot, pear, fig, avocado, and some blackberries.  Around the last frost, we went […]

Finally- a box culvert!

There was much drama from the start of the culvert construction until the end. We contacted Henry in March.  Between permitting and ordering materials and Henry accepting a bigger job than he could handle…construction started in July–4 months later.  We could FINALLY drive onto our […]

Designing a box culvert

When we tell people about our culvert, they cannot possibly understand what we are talking about.  If you even KNOW what a culvert is, then you typically picture the round concrete pipe that the driveway goes over. Ours is a very special culvert. Just a […]

New property and flooding

As we continued struggling with our culvert, we proceeded to move forward with plans to build a house on our property (once we finally had access…).  We put our house up for sale in April…had a contract on it in less than 3 weeks and […]