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You are my sunshine

We decided the bathroom would be gray and yellow with oil-rubbed bronze hardware.  I had my mind set that I wanted some flowers and sun something in the bathroom.  When the girls were little, I used to sing them “You are my sunshine” a lot.  […]

Record Bowls

For Mother’s Day this year, I had the girls in my Girl Scout troop make record bowls. These were some VERY old Reader’s Digest records that were going in the trash, so I snagged them. The girls each had to design the front and back […]

Mother’s Day 2012

This year for mother’s day I wanted to give my mom something she could not buy anywhere else.  I found this awesome sign on Pinterest from House of Hempworths and I just had to make it!  I wish I could say that I bought the […]

Not quite a Pinterest project but deserves to be one

One of the first things I did on my new job since I would be traveling was invest in a better carry-on bag.  I did not opt for Samsonite, TravelPro, Hartmann or some other several-hundred-dollar bag, but got a Swiss bag at Target. I have […]

Pinterest Project FAIL

This was my very first “sorta” Pinterest project. My mom sent me a picture of a canvas she wanted me to make. Ok…cool. I can do that! It was a square canvas with a saying about peace on it. After doing some searching online for […]