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Pinterest Project #1- Crayon Art

Here is my first Pinterest project. There are several floating around Pinterest, so I decided to kinda do my own thing. I had a canvas that I no longer wanted, so I painted over it with white acrylic paint (only because I did not have […]

Potions and Concoctions

Wade was gone and the girls were complaining about being board so I made up a tray of various ingredients from the pantry. I had oil, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, cornstarch, flour and baking soda and food coloring.  I gave the girls a dump cup […]

Playhouse- Final

If you have been following my blog for more than 6 months, then you have seen the drama over our outdoor adventures.  For example the first phase of our playhouse here, and then the second part here, and the mistakes here, and then finishing up […]

Playhouse- Part IV

After working all weekend, *most* of the playhouse is finished.  Now it is just fine details that need to be added. This weekend, we had to finish the other 1/2 of the roof.  This time, we decided to put the shingles on the roof like […]

Playhouse- Part III

To continue the saga of the playhouse, I dove back into working on it (yes, this project started in May and it is now August).  Mind you, it is now the hottest part of the summer here in Houston, TX.  The heat index is over 100 everyday. […]