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The Best Pickles EVER

Yes, these are the best pickles EVER!  Not because we made them, but because the recipe is the best one I have ever tried.  And of course the best pickles come from home-grown cucumbers.  For the first time in my garden, I was able to […]

New Eating Habits

Lately, I have been reading about the food that we buy now.  We are not in good shape as a country when it comes to our food.  There have been many things that have triggered my interest in eating healthier, but looking at my girls […]

This is the way we make banana bread

Wade took all of these pictures as I helped the girls.  Recipe HERE.

Power Balls

A couple weeks ago we bought some flax seed after hearing my co-worker talk about making power balls.  The girls LOVED them!  I am not sure who ate more, me or Wade.  The girls and I made more today.  It is a great [mostly] healthy […]

Meringue Cake Failure

Lately we have been going low-carb.  But I have a SUPER sweet tooth, so this has been very difficult.  After 2 weeks I needed SOMETHING sweet.  The latest Martha Stuart magazine had some great recipes in it and with a little modification, are very low […]