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For my birthday, I asked for a dehydrator.  My mom obliged.  She did not get me some rinky-dink little thing…no…it takes up 1/2 the counter, but it is awesome!  I wanted it for all of the tomatoes that I expect will start growing someday in […]

Christmas Desserts

I don’t remember too many traditions growing up, but we did always make candies and fudge at Christmas time. My favorite fudge is Velveeta Cheese Fudge. Yes, it has cheese in it and it is unlike any fudge you have ever tasted…very sweet. The next […]

Jello Watermelons

I have several blogs that I follow…mainly photography blogs, but some are artsy crafty ones.  This idea is from one of my 87 (literally) blogs…I wish I could find the original to link it.  Oh well. Here is what we made, then I will show […]

Best Banana Bread (Laura’s Banana Bread)

I think my mom got this recipe from a person named Laura.  It is pretty old…but it is the best bread! 1/2 cup oleo (butter…not margarine) 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 cups flour sifted with 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup chopped pecans (I […]