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Building Cabinets- Part 2

After remaking the drawers, I was glad I waited for the bottom drawer until the cabinets were finished.  See the large space at the bottom?  That is for a step-drawer, something I have seen done…but never like this.  I wanted mine functional, not just a […]

Building Cabinets

Let ms start by saying…I have never built cabinets…or drawers in my life.  I am not sure I want to ever again, but maybe after having done it, I will try it again. The original plan was to use the existing cabinets and just cut […]


Once the bathroom was clear of the old sink and cabinet, I set to work painting.  I wanted a gray color, but not the purple gray we painted the master bathroom.  I went with a pretty dark gray this time and LOVE IT! One of […]

Gutting the bathroom

Taking something apart is a whole lot easier than putting it back together.  The first part of our 2-week project was to gut the bathroom.  The toilet and tub stayed (much to DH’s disapproval).  DH wanted to replace the tub with a walk-in shower.  Thinking […]

The Girls’ Bathroom

We are so blessed to have two wonderful girls.  It is amazing how quickly they grow up though!  When we bought our house, there was not an option for 2 sinks in their shared bathroom.  Knowing this would become an issue as they got older […]