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Crown Molding

There are two things that Wade and I swear we will never do again…but somehow we forget the pain of it (like child birth) and end up finding ourselves doing it again…over and over.  Laying tile and putting up crown molding. Way back in September […]

Pinterest Project #3- Bathroom Remodel

*Dimensions and cost break down at the end. If you follow me on Pinterest (and if you don’t you should!), you probably saw me pin this.  Everybody has the same ugly master bath, and now we all have the same pretty master bath…thanks to Pinterest.  […]

New Floor

When we moved into our house in 2006, we had every intention of ripping up the carpet immediately and installing laminate. Well…that did not happen. Wade argued that we might as well wear the carpet out first. So we did. After 3 years, I was […]

Wood Working

For the last 2 months, we have had the saws set up in the garage as we worked on the floors.  (Meaning…we have to park in the driveway…yuck!)  Every weekend, the boys across the street make their way over.  The older one is 5 and […]

Guilty Dog

We have almost finished painting.  *Almost*  The only thing left is the kitchen…which I am slowly working on.  Daisy…the strange dog that she is… Decided she needed to test the paint to see how it tasted.  No wonder why she spent the next 2 days […]