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Underground Kansas Salt Mine

On our way to my cousins wedding, we stopped at an underground salt mine in Kansas.  I had read about it on OMSH blog when they took a road trip, and added it to our list of “must do’s.” You have to wear a hard […]

Little House on the Prairie

The only vacation we took this summer was a short trip up to Kansas for my cousin’s wedding. We left early Thursday morning (like 4am) and drove all day. I say we…but really Wade drove so I could work. Our plan was to stop in […]

Utah- The best snow on earth!

(But I would not know with this crazy winter we are having!) I had a training in Salt Lake City last week and while I was there I ventured out in the evenings. I have never been to Utah, but am looking forward to planning […]

Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari

Wade and I decided to take a little vacation up to Rusk for a Halloween train ride.  We had some time to kill before our train ride, so we found a little drive through safari called Cherokee Trace.  We balked at the price when we […]