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Foundation Pour

YIPPEE!!!!  The day finally arrived for them to pour the foundation.  Just getting to this point is such a relief! Over the last week (since missing our first pour date) it has rained… A LOT.  The trench they dug in the back was full of […]

Building a bulkhead for the culvert

Just after the guys finished the house pad, the rains came in.  We had record flooding again…just like in May.  This time, it washed the sides of the culvert away. Just as we were getting started with the construction of the house, now we were […]

Finally- a box culvert!

There was much drama from the start of the culvert construction until the end.

We contacted Henry in March.  Between permitting and ordering materials and Henry accepting a bigger job than he could handle…construction started in July–4 months later.  We could FINALLY drive onto our land mid-September.

The county would not allow us to build a bridge.  It had to be a “box” culvert.  Henry built a base, then forms for the concrete sides and eventually the top.  We cannot complain at all about the actual construction project.  He did a great job on the concrete box.  Here it is in pictures.

The re-bar used is pretty impressive.  It is 1.5″ in diameter.  There is 15″ of concrete on the top of the culvert.  Hopefully it won’t go anywhere!!!

More rain…And this is why it is so important to have good drainage in our ditch.


Designing a box culvert

When we tell people about our culvert, they cannot possibly understand what we are talking about.  If you even KNOW what a culvert is, then you typically picture the round concrete pipe that the driveway goes over. Ours is a very special culvert. Just a […]

The Culvert- Our first hurdle

Over the course of the next 6 months, the culvert will become our biggest regret buying our property. Let me back up to pre-sale of our property.  In the HAR description, it stated “Culvert must be installed per county specifications.”  We thoroughly read the county […]